On Fre, 3. Nov 2000, 2:26:50 Uhr GMT Chad S. Chelius wrote:

   >The first step I would take in troubleshooting this situation would be to
   >isolate the SCSI bus.  Are there more than 1 SCSI device on the Adaptec
   >bus?  Is your VXA drive terminated properly?  One other option would be to
   >temporarily attach your drive to the 8500's built in SCSI bus.  Also I'm
   >just curious as to what operating system you are using.  Please update us
   >your situation.

The VXA is the only device on the Adaptec card, which incidentaly is a 2930,
and is correctly terminated using the Ecrix terminator.
MacOS is 8.6. 
I'll certainly try it on the built in SCSI bus, but as this problem only seems
to occur at the end of a tape, and although the VXA is very fast, backing up
60+GB does take a while!

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