>       I have just been trying to set up email notification of 
>backup scripts using the supplied AppleScript for Eudora. I have set 
>up Eudora so that it can only be started from a settings file. 
>However when I launch the AppleScript and it asks for the location 
>of Eudora I cannot select a settings file, only the application 
>itself. If I select the application then when Eudora launches it 
>brings up a dialog asking the user to locate a settings 
>file...(causing Retrospect to hang, waiting for Eudora I presume).
>Any ideas of how to get around this situation?

Changing the script to something like this should get around the 
problem. (Note, this only gives the idea and is not valid 

-- Launch Eudora using a settings files
tell application "finder" to open EudoraSettingsFile

-- Now that Eudora is running, ask it to do something
tell application "Eudora"
        end tell
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