Almost everyone I know hates DAT drives; regardless of the OS or backup

I will only use a technology which has built-in hardware ECC (error
correction) for my backups.  As I understand it, this is lacking from the
Onstream drive.

My data is backed up on 8mm (not the old 5 or 7GB version).  Alot of people
who have suffered from media problems using 8mm are talking about the older
MP based tapes.

In today's world, 8mm uses AME tapes (advanced metal).  The difference is
night and day (500 passes with an old video grade tape vs 30,000 passes of
today's AME based tape).

DLT drives still use MP media.  That is one of the big reasons they have not
kept pace with the other technologies like AIT or M2.  DLTs will not be able
to use AME media because AME is not built for bi-directional usage (DLTs
write/read bi-directionally).

I doubt we'll see an AIT drive priced like an Onstream in the very near
future but maybe one day...  In the meantime, I'll pay a little more for
better peace of mind.

This is just my two cents; everyone has a pair of pennies!  :)


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