One of the problems with DAT drives is that they are sensitive to 
abuse and dust.  Not very rugged.  I've got a DAT drive that has been 
well taken care of and it works perfectly.  Although our department 
has had 6 APS/Sony autoloaders of which 3 of them went back for 
repairs twice, and only 1 of the other 3 has not been in for repairs. 
The two HP 6 tape Autoloaders we have work perfectly and on a PC do 
some really cool things like keep track of which slow the cleaning 
tape is in and use it when needed...of course, that is not using 
Retrospect, however.   I sure wish Dantz would put in support for 
cleaning tapes on autoloaders.

>Almost everyone I know hates DAT drives; regardless of the OS or backup

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