This is interesting, but I don't think I've ever had a DAT failure 
due to bad heads.  Most of the autoloaders we have have the problem 
with the autoloader itself.  Pull the DAT drive out of the autoloader 
and it works fine most of the time.  We did have one drive go bad, 
but it was related to the "inject" mechanism mis-aligning the tape as 
it fed it in.

Thanks for the info.  Good information.

>Here's why most DATs fail in autoloaders:
>Most people buy DAT loaders to compensate for the low capacity per tape.
>The idea is to have the tapes changed automatically in the night or over a
>weekend.  None of us are thrilled with the idea of having to come into the
>office on our personal time to play tape monkey, so this thinking is very
>What most people do not know is the 4mm mechanism has the lowest head rating
>of 4mm, DLT and 8mm (AIT/M2) technologies (1/5th the head life of AIT).  Now
>that you have a DAT changer automatically handling tape swaps, you're making
>the head unit work longer than it was originally designed to handle.  No DAT
>manufacturer has a special "library" version of their DAT drive with longer
>head ratings.

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