I posted the email below last Friday. Since then we have been 
trying to chase up some alternative cables and terminators but 
haven't got any yet...

However, we have been able to get Retrospect to talk to the drive and 
perform a backup if we restart the computer and run Retrospect 
immediately. If we leave the computer running and wait for 
Restrospect to start automatically at 2am then we get the same 102 

So, is it possible the 102 error could be software related? Or is it 
still likely to be SCSI? Could there be some other problem with the 

Any suggestions most welcome,

Adrian Smith

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>Hi all,
>       We have just set up a system consisting of a Sony DDS-4 tape 
>drive attached to 7300 with an AdvanSys UltraWide SCSI card in order 
>to back up the Macs in our lab. It has been working perfectly for 
>the last week, then suddenly last night Retrospect gave us a 102 
>error (trouble communicating) after copying 12 out 13 files on the 
>first volume in the script. Retrospect can still see the drive (as 
>can SCSIProbe etc) and recognise which tape is in it but gives a 102 
>error whenever we try to read or write to it...
>We have the list of things to try (ie cables, terminators, etc) but 
>this will take us a while as we don't have easy access to any other 
>cables or terminators.
>What I was actually interested in is why this problem might have 
>just happened in the middle of a backup (which was in the middle of 
>the night)?  Is this normal for SCSI to just die like this? I would 
>have thought it would be more likely to occur after a shutdown or 
>something else changing?
>Any experiences, observations or suggestions welcome...
>Adrian Smith
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