At 9:00 PM -0800 26/11/00, Craig Isaacs wrote:
>  > Hi again,
>>      I only received one response to the email below about 102
>>  errors disappearing after if anyone else has any light
>>  to shed it would be appreciated. Since I posted we have found that if
>>  IE crashes (which it does extremely frequently on the backup) machine
>>  then we will always get the 102 error unless we restart first.
>>  However, this is not the only cause of the problem...
>How do you know? Have you tried never running IE on the computer? If the
>problem goes away after a restart, there's definitely something corrupting
>your system over time. If the computer is a dedicated backup system, disable
>all unnecessary extensions and control panels and don't run IE to see if it
>happens again.

It will always fail if IE has crashed (any maybe even if it has run) 
but sometimes it will fail if IE has not been run (eg over the 

Unfortunately the backup machine is used as a workstation during the 
day so we can't strip it down (at least not completely - we are in 
the process of trying to get rid of much as possible).

>>  ... when Retrospect gives us the 102
>>  error it assumes that the current tape cannot be used and asks for a
>>  new one next time the backup runs, even if the tape appears to be
>>  less than half full...
>>  So, is there any to force Retrospect to keep using that tape?
>I don't know of a way to get Retrospect to append to that tape, but you can
>certainly get Retrospect to use the tape by either setting the tape as
>missing or erasing the tape. In either case, Retrospect will recopy the
>files already on the media and continue to fill the tape.

So far we have only got to the stage where we are using 1 tape per 
set (we haven't brought all the clients online yet because of the 
problems we are having). In that case I assume reseting the catalog 
is equivalent to your suggestions. We were hoping to avoid having to 
re-copy all the data already on the tape because of the difficulties 
getting our G4s backed up (519 errors, see separate thread).


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