>>  >   We are having problems backing up G4s over the network. 
>>Basically, they get part way through the backup and then Retrospect 
>>looses the connection. The problem seems to be at the G4 end as 
>>once this has happened they have lost network connectivity until 
>>the next restart (sleep and waking seems to restore it as well). 
>>This seems to be the problem that was addressed by the "Ethernet 
>>Update 1.0" and our network does seem to come close to the type of 
>>network described in the Apple TIL on the subject. HOWEVER, 
>>installing the Ethernet Update doesn't fix the problem, although it 
>>may have made it a little better (the backup SEEMS to get a bit 
>Disable the OT AutoPush extension and try again - worked for us!
>Have you got TCP/IP set as active and "Load only when needed" 
>unchecked - I thought so..

Unfortunately, we don't have the OT AutoPush extension to disable.

And yes, TCP/IP is active and "Load only when needed" is unchecked...


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