At 4:02 PM +0000 22/11/00, Nicholas Froome wrote:
>>      We are having problems backing up G4s over the network. 
>>Basically, they get part way through the backup and then Retrospect 
>>looses the connection. The problem seems to be at the G4 end as 
>>once this has happened they have lost network connectivity until 
>>the next restart

I have continually experienced this with both Mac and NT clients ever 
since I started trying to backup over the network. The only way I can 
get a backup to complete is to turn verification off, then it seems 
to be ok. But with it on, it loses the connection at some time and 
the server Mac must be restarted to get any sense out of its network 

I am trying to run QuickDNS and IPNetRouter on this 8100 and I do not 
consider this should be impossible, but even if Retrospect does 
complete I invariably suffer network troubles afterwards until it is 
restarted, e.g. I cannot access the DNS, or the machine simply 
doesn't route any more.

I have always believed in Retrospect, but I must say that I am sorely 
disappointed by this. It seems as if its use of TCP/IP on the Mac is 
really flaky, nothing should be able to pull down the OT stack like 
that. I intend to try this with Retrospect on an NT (well 2000) 
server and see if that can work reliably, but IMO it should work on 
the Mac and I don't see why I should have to dedicate a machine to 
this task. Actually, I've no idea if that would be any better anyway.

Just what is the 519 error, what actually occurs that causes 
Retrospect to report it and how come it requires a restart of the Mac 
in order to get its network running again?

At 5:27 PM +0000 22/11/00, Nicholas Froome wrote:
>How much data are you backing up? Is the problem intermittent? Does 
>it happen on any other machines? As a percentage, what proportion of 
>the backups (of the G4s) fail?

100% with verification on.

>In a client's setup we found the problem (error 519) to be 
>apparently unrelated to anything. It would occur on almost every 
>machine at some point, after a few Mb had been copied or after 
>copying 5 Gb out of 5.2 Gb, independent of machine OS, independent 
>of date or time, and all the backups were being done overnight when 
>there was no other network traffic.

This is very much my experience. I just cannot understand why NOTHING 
else has ever given any network error here, yet Retrospect has so 
much trouble.

I'm sure the data that Retrospect writes to tape is good and it's 
never failed to restore anything I've asked, but that was before I 
tried network backups. It does seem to be a recurring problem as it 
regularly crops up on this list.


Ken  G i l l e t t


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