Retrospect Experts:

Being a complete AppleScript novice, I ask your indulgence in answering
what *should* be a fairly simple question.  The documentation for the
"FileMaker Pro Server Toggle" AppleScript that is included with Retrospect
4.3 refers specifically to to FileMaker 3.0.  The AppleScript itself,
however, is structured as follows:

tell application "FileMaker Pro Server" to force quit

To distinguish a particular copy of FileMaker Pro Server 5 from other
installations that we own, the one that we desire to toggle during
Retrospect backups is named "FileMaker Server 5 Students."  So finally
to the question:

Must we change the AppleScript to explicitly state "FileMaker Server 5
Students," or will the supplied default work without modification?

Best regards,

Mark E. Ingram


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