Thanks for the AppleScript help, Malcom!

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Malcolm McLeary wrote:

> My personal preference is to use the FileMaker Pro Server built-in
> backup capability where you can schedule FileMaker Pro Server to make
> a copy of all of the databases in another location, then use
> Retrospect to backup the "other" location.

Yes, we do this too (sometimes hourly), but we also want to have on hand a
full backup of the *whole* FMP server - including operating system.  Thus
the one-time daily (Midnight) backup using Retrospect.

BTW, at least with AppleShare servers, Retrospect 4.3 remains in the
background during and after scripted backups.  Is this new behavior,
which we can also expect on the FMP server?

Best regards,

Mark E. Ingram


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