Mark Ingram wrote:

> [A] "FileMaker Pro Server Toggle" AppleScript ... is included with
> Retrospect 4.3 [and] refers specifically to to FileMaker 3.0.  The
> AppleScript itself, however, is structured as follows:
> tell application "FileMaker Pro Server" to force quit

Tim David replied:

> Does it really tell the application to "force [quit]"?
> that doesn't seem like it would be to good for FileMaker server.

Philip Chonacky added:

> I doubt it, I can't confirm for sure what the exact command is,
> because I don't have the actual application, but a force quit is not
> usually part of the event dictionary.  More likely a regular quit.

MI replies:

This construct raised my eyebrows too, but if you have the Mac version of
Retrospect 4.3, look at the file Retrospect 4.3 : AppleScript Utilities :
Script Examples : FileMaker Pro Server Toggle : Retrospect Event Handler.

Although at this point I have been unable to check the event dictionary of
FileMaker Pro Server 5, Here is the pertinent syntax from the script:

Note: The name of this script must not be changed, it must be named
Retrospect Event Handler and placed in the Retrospect folder of the
system folder's preference folder.
property kRetroAutoLaunched : false

on RetrospectStart given autoLaunchBoolean:autolaunched
        if autolaunched is true then
                set kRetroAutoLaunched to true
                tell application "FileMaker Pro Server" to force quit
                sleep for 5 * minutes
        end if
        return true
end RetrospectStart


Although it may be exactly as Eric posted earlier, that "... [Dantz]
really [doesn't] provide support for Apple Script ... --it's outside the
realm of expertise of our tech support reps" - the quoted Event Handler is
indeed included in the Retrospect 4.3 upgrade package.  Perhaps someone at
Dantz can at least comment on the use of the "forced quit" command versus
a simple "quit."


Mark E. Ingram


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