Ok, I've got a question.

My Mac that does the backups locked up over the weekend and so last 
night before I left I told the computer to TOOLS->REPAIR->UPDATE FROM 

I knew it would take a while so I decided to just leave it running last night.

I came in this morning and the tape drive (DLT) is still running and 
the dialog on the screen says "Resynchronizing (slow)"

1. Why did it start a slow resync?

2. This is almost 14 hours later,  About 65GB of data, uncompressed, 
is that normal?

The log shows that it encountered a bunch of errors and to clean the 
head, so that might be part of it.  I was more curious of why it kept 
running all night long though.

It seems to me that after so many errors/hours, it would do something 

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