Retrospect, Ecrix VXA Drive 33/66, Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card on Blue G3

I have (almost) decided to recommend the above combination to a client as an
economical yet professional backup solution but I have a tiny misgiving
about the VXA drive working out of the box with the Adaptec card &
Retrospect. I'm not sure if the 2906 is called a 2906 anywhere except
Australia but it is the entry level Adaptec PCI SCSI card. No bells &
whistles. I would very much appreciate any feedback anyone has as to whether
there are any known issues yet with the VXA & any of the other components I
have chosen. If you just don't like this combination for any other reason
then I'm keen to hear that too. The Blue G3 will be used as the backup
server for a network of 4 machines, 2 beige desktop G3's, 1 imac & the B/W.
Total of approximately 70 - 80 Megs total data for a full backup of all
machines & attached external drives. 10 Megabit ethernet.
TIA for taking the time to respond

Rob Findlay
Solutions & support for
Macintosh Computers

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