I'm having a small issue but  I'm sure there is a better way to achieve what
I'm trying to do.  I have (2) backup sets that I rotate each week in my HP
Surestore 8 slot Autoloader.  I have a different magazine cartridge for each
script and only want Backup A to go to Magazine A and Backup B to go to
Magazine B.  I always keep one set off site.  The problem starts when we
have a holiday or when I forget to rotate the magazine on the correct day.
If Script A tries to run and doesn't find the last tape it was working on it
looks for a blank tape.  If it finds a blank it names it backup A # and
starts backing up so now I end up with backup A tapes in both magazines as
well as Backup B tapes in both?  I do not want A or B tapes mixed in the
magazine but I do want the script to use a blank tape when the current tape
fills up.  Am I missing something here?    


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