I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. I, too, am a long-time Retrospect
user. I only began using Arcserve because it was the only way to backup
my Netware server. I still use Arcserve for that, but everything else,
including my NT4 Server is backed up by Retrospect.

Now, to be fair, Arcserve is a little arcane to set up, but once you know
the ins and outs its not TOO awful... about like getting a cavity
filled... unpleasant, but better than a root-canal!

Now, on to the story I wanted to tell... and another reason to pick

I originally planned to back up my NT4 server via Arcserve. There were a
lot of reasons for this that made sense at the time. I purchased
Arcserve's Client Agent for NT and set up the backup and things were
going smoothly. But, being the administrator that I am, I HATE to
actually get up from my desk and walk up to a computer to check it's
status or monitor it's activity. I prefer logging in remotely via
Timbuktu and doing my management that way. So, after researching and
finding that Timbuktu WOULD indeed run on my NT4 server, I wasted no time
in installing it. The very next day, my NT4 server was NOT backed up by
Arcserve. To make a VERY long story short, nothing I tried could make the
NT server appear for Arcserve again. I uninstalled Timbuktu; uninstalled
& reinstalled Client Agent; contacted Arcserve tech support; contacted
Timbuktu tech support; got Arcserve & Timbuktu techs to talk to each
other... in the end, Arcserve washed their hands of it saying it was
Timbuktu's fault and MAYBE if I reinstalled NT4 I could get back Client
Agent. Anyone ever "reinstalled" NT on a critical server that has now not
been backed up for over 2 weeks?!?

I hung up the phone and started checking out Retrospect's capabilities to
handle backing up NT servers. I installed Retrospect on my NT server and
have not regretted it for one second.

Kudos to Dantz for making such a great product! So... when are you guys
going to add support for Netware? :-)

Wasn't it Tom Roth who once said...

>Subject: Re: ARCserve vs Retrospect Server Backup
>From: "Tom Roth" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 14:14:24 -0500
>> Ben Eastwood wrote:
>> I have lots to comment on this thread! I Love Retro and ditched Arcserve for
>> Retro about six months ago. I had used it for years to back up Macs, and now
>> I'm using it for about ten NT servers, Including one that has over 160 GB of
>> Drive space, a couple that run MS SQL Server 7, and a Lotus Notes server

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