My department has two DLT4000 drives, one connected to a Mac and the other to a
PC.  The one connected to the PC is an autochanger.  Both work 
flawlessly with the current versions of Retrospect and OS's on the 

We switched from Arcserve on the PC to Retrospect and have never 
looked back.  Arcserve was very expensive cow of a program.   In 
total, we spent about $3000 on software just to get the network 
backups to happen.  The interface is terrible and the guy that was 
trying to learn all the facets of Arcserve had a hell of a time 
proving that the backups were happening at all!  We discovered that 
we were reading the log incorrectly and that it was skipping about 
4-5 machines during backup.  Unfortunately, one of the machines had 

We switched to Retrospect about a week later and now we can easily 
look at the report and see which machines were backed up each night.

I know that probably 99% of the problem was lack of understanding the 
program, but if it takes that much understanding to even tell if the 
backups happened, it's not for me.   Retrospect, nothing else even 

If Dantz went out of business, we'd all switch to Linux around here.  :)

>  >Appreciate your comments.  Which HP DLT drive is that?  We're currently
>>using a Quantum DLT4000 on a Dell PowerEdge Server and are planning to
>>replace that with one of the new HP Ultrium drives this summer.  I
>>thought all of these drives were supported according to the
>>Dantz web page.
>This is a 4000 unit. The odd thing is that we use a DLT 4000 jukebox 
>on a Mac with no problem, why it does not recognize this particular 
>HP unit I don't know. I turned in a bug report to Dantz but have not 
>received any workd on it.

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