Hi all,

Note that Retrospect is able to back up *most* open files. Most database
files though will be inaccessible to other application while they are in use
by the database.



> From: Ben Eastwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: ARCserve vs Retrospect Server Backup
> David-
> Are you also using Open File Manager, and if so does it work OK in Win2k
> with Services for Mac? ( I know this is not really a retrospect issue, but
> not totally offtopic..)
> -- 
> Ben Eastwood
> IT Manager
> wilweb.com
>> From: "Kraut, David" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Subject: RE: ARCserve vs Retrospect Server Backup
>> I use it to back up a mix of (20) NT4 and Win2000 Servers.  The retrospect
>> program is running on a 2000 Server and works fine.  I've also used ArcServe
>> in the past and wild horses couldn't drag me back to that nightmare of a
>> product!!  :)
>> David Kraut
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>> Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 8:53 AM
>> To: retro-talk
>> Subject: ARCserve vs Retrospect Server Backup
>> I've been using ARCserve for many years to backup my NT 4.0 Server and
>> NT Workstations and long time ago to backup a Novell server.  For the
>> Mac side of things though I've always preferred and used Retrospect.  I
>> prefer Retrospect because it's much easier to install, use and maintain
>> than ARCserve.  Both products have been very reliable though I'd have to
>> say that Retrospect has proved to be a little more reliable than ARCserve.
>> Now I'm finding myself needing to upgrade ARCserve to the new ARCserve
>> 2000.  However, I'd really rather drop ARCserve and switch to Retrospect
>> Server Backup to perform the NT 4.0 Server (and eventually Windows 200
>> Server) and NT Workstation backups.  Comparing the the two product's
>> features and supported drives looks to be essentially the same.
>> Anyone out there with experience using Retrospect Server Backup on a
>> Windows NT 4.0 Server?  I'd love to get some feedback about it.
>> Thanks!!
>> -- 
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