> Ben Eastwood wrote:
> I have lots to comment on this thread! I Love Retro and ditched Arcserve for
> Retro about six months ago. I had used it for years to back up Macs, and now
> I'm using it for about ten NT servers, Including one that has over 160 GB of
> Drive space, a couple that run MS SQL Server 7, and a Lotus Notes server.
> Lots of open DBs on that one. Here are some things I've found:
> Backing up servers is one thing, but Retrospect's advantages really become
> apparent when you want to backup workstations as well. the "backup server"
> function is really cool, especially if you have laptop users. Retrospect
> uses the network very efficiently! And since the Server version comes with
> 100 clients, you should have no trouble with client licensing unless you
> have a pretty big organization.
> I hope this helps, Tom.
> --
> Ben Eastwood

Thank you for your comments.  This is exactly what I was hoping to hear!
 Plenty of reasons to switch to Retrospect on the WinNT Server.

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