I've been using review board for over a year - and I've been very
impressed.  I recently upgraded using the new install procedure (using
ReviewBoard-0.9.dev_20081207), and a few things seem broken.

The first (and most important) is that we get the "loading diff
fragment" on my reviews, but they never turn into diff fragments (no
matter how long we wait).  I'm assuming the issue is either
installation (as I've seen no one else complain of this issue) or how
I upgraded from the previous release (early 2008) to this one (late

The other significant change from the previous setup is that we're now
using a memcached server.  I'm not sure if this makes any difference.

We're running a GNU/Linux distribution ( Ubuntu-Server 7.04 _Feisty
Fawn_ - Release), and I'm very familiar with linux.

I'm not familiar with django/json/etc (I'm a software engineer which
deals with "C" and embedded devices :)).  Any pointers in how I can
diagnose (and/or solve) the issue?  I'd also be happy with not
"caching" the diff loading, but wait for the diff to load (ie,
previous behavior).

The other issues are "annoying" - we were previously able to
authenticate against our ActiveDirectory LDAP, but that is no longer
the case - I'd be curious to hear of success stories in that regard.

Apologies in advance if any of these issues have been previously found
and solved, but extensive searching has not yeilded any answers.

Many thanks,

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