Yeah, it's sort of confusing. I'd like down the road to have something a bit
more custom for keeping servers installed and auto-upgrading sites, which
could delete the old eggs. Still, I suppose there's reasons you may want old
eggs around, but as you noticed, the newest version will be used by default
even if your site is not upgraded.

I should at least update the docs to let users know they can remove the old


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On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Anverc <> wrote:

> here I am answering my own questions, perhaps someone else will have
> the same problem as me...
> when you're done upgrading, you can safely delete the old .egg files
> the easy_install system keeps these old egg files around, you can read
> all about it here:
> most notably this part:
> Uninstalling Packages
> If you have replaced a package with another version, then you can just
> delete the package(s) you don't need by deleting the PackageName-
> versioninfo.egg file or directory (found in the installation
> directory)
> >

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