I have been evaluating review board to see if we can use it within our
organization for code reviews. The initial reaction was very good and we are
nearing the end of a pilot phase where we'll roll this out to a large number
of users. I had a couple of questions:

1. Our development/build environment is perl based and nobody has python
installed in their machines. This is going to make it hard for installing
post-review. Has somebody thought about creating an installer that  bundles
python, setuptools, all required modules, and post-review into one package?
I tried creating a Windows installer using NSIS and found it quite simple.
Can I conribute that to review board?

2. Is there a way to bulk-load all users and groups into the database? If we
do not do that a requester will not be able to add a reviewer in the review
request till the reviewer has logged in at least once.

Thanks in advance for the help,

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