On 5 авг, 00:27, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> > 4. LDAP support. I access active directory from a linux box, no
> > problem with that except that the corporate AD doesn't allow anonymous
> > reads. Most other sites I use from my linux server (eg wikipedia,
> > mantis) allow you to set a ldap proxy user to connect with. That user
> > then attempts to search for the user specified and logs you in. I
> > couldn't see any option for this in the web UI, is it supported?
> I don't know a lot about LDAP. Our support comes from third parties who need
> LDAP support. So, I can't really answer this, except to say that I don't
> believe we have support for a proxy user, and we'd need a patch to support
> it.

If someone is counting then I'd vote for this support too! :)

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