On 04/19/2010 05:25 PM, Scott Quesnelle wrote:
Here is what I did with V 1.0 when I had an email issue, in reviewboard/reviews/email.py
In function

def send_review_mail(user, review_request, subject, in_reply_to,
                     extra_recipients, template_name, context={}):

I added the line:
logging.info <http://logging.info>("Sending e-mail with subject '%s' from '%s' to '%s', CC '%s'\n" % (subject, from_email, to_field, cc_field))
just before this line:


Looking at the return value of send would also be a potential way to debug it, my problem was a very slow and overloaded smtp server. My solution was to setup postfix on the local machine. It then sends it to the smtp server. This now means that some emails are slightly delayed (a few minutes) but has increased reliability.


Ok, so this confirms for me that ReviewBoard is not ever entering the send_review_mail() codepath. Any ideas why that would be, since the admin interface is set up correctly, with the appropriate checkbox marked.

For the record, this is ReviewBoard 1.5beta1 plus the "Optimize several queries for review requests." patch from April 1.

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