On 04/20/2010 03:31 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
It shouldn't work for just one or the other. Try running ./contrib/internal/prepare-dev.py.

That connect_signals should be happening on the first request to Review Board. Are you running this using fastcgi or mod_python?

Might also be worth checking to make sure that the following points are also hit:

reviewboard/__init__.py: initialize
reviewboard/notifications/__init__.py: connect_signals

For what it's worth, e-mail notifications have been working here with 1.5 beta 1.


I figured out what I had wrong with the tests. They seem to be passing (except the API tests, but that's expected).

To answer your question, I'm actually using mod_wsgi, not mod_python. Is there an extra step I need to take to make sure that initialization takes place?

Also, reviewboard/notifications/__init__.py: connect_signals is where I put my log message that was never printed.

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