On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:26 PM, Andrew Leppke <alep...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I had a feeling Windows wasn't the target platform. I don't have much
> choice since my evaluation has to be done on my workstation so I ended
> up having to install a lot of things I wouldn't normally put on XP
> machine. If we end up using Review Board, it'll go on our Linux
> servers, which already has a lot of this stuff installed. I gotta say
> though, an msi definitely would have been handy since it was a
> nightmare figuring what versions of what I needed. I'm not really a
> server guy so some of these things aren't intuitive for me.

Certainly understandable, and I'm sorry your first impression was
really that bad.

The MSI was just recently built, and will still need some work done
before we can start to deploy it. Hopefully we'll finalize that for

> I thought Patch might be a problem. When I first used post-review, it
> complained that it didn't have the GNU diff. I had Patch installed and
> it went into a directory called gnuwin32 so I figured that was it. I
> doubled-checked the Path variable to make sure that directory was in
> there but post-review still complained. Finally, I downloaded this GNU
> diff, which wanted to go into that same gnuwin32 directory. I moved
> Patch into its own directory and then installed the GNU diff. I also
> updated the Path to include both directories. Post-review stopped
> complaining but now the diff is generating that stacktrace.

As you mention below, we try to detect that patch is missing and
report that before the user can even get this far. I'm not sure how
you got as far as you did with that... Something to investigate.

> OK, while writing this, I decided to try restarting the web server
> since it wouldn't know about the changes to the Path. After the
> restart, Review Board is indeed now complaining that Patch isn't
> installed but I am 100% sure that it is installed and the correct path
> is in the Path. And by 100% sure, I mean I copy & pasted the directory
> location into the Path so there's no chance of a typo. The only
> difference is that it's now in a directory called 'Patch' instead of
> one called 'gnuwin32', which is where the GNU diff is now installed.
> Both directories are in the Path, though. What am I missing?

It's possible that Apache isn't using the same Path as you. You
updated the system Path, not the user's, right? Just to make sure.

You said you restarted the web server, but did you reboot the machine
since updating Path? Perhaps Apache is using an old Path.


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