On 06/20/2014 03:08 PM, Bruce Cran wrote:
> Am I correct in thinking that a good practice would be to have users
> enter the reviewboard.url setting in their mercurial.ini/.hgrc files and
> have a .reviewboardrc file with just a REPOSITORY line committed to the
> repository, to avoid RBTools having to search for a matching repo in RB
> each time?  This would avoid having individual developers running 'rbt
> setup-repo'.

It's probably best to just have both the URL and repository entries in
the .reviewboardrc committed to the master repo.

For example, in the openlmi-providers project, we have[1]:
REVIEWBOARD_URL = 'https://reviewboard-openlmi.rhcloud.com'
REPOSITORY = 'openlmi-providers'


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