I forgot to mention that I restarted memcached on the servers too, but the 
problem persists.


On Monday, June 8, 2015 at 9:28:21 AM UTC-7, Steve wrote:
> We changed our DNS entry for our perforce server over the weekend which 
> required me to change our port settings in ReviewBoard.  I edited the repo 
> setting in the RB admin console and changed the name an path like this:
> # Old
> Name: oldname:1666
> Path:   oldname:1666
> # New
> Name: perforce:1666
> Path:   perforce:1666
> The string 'perforce:1666'  is what is returned by 'p4 info' as the 
> 'Server address'.  This works fine in the sense that all the old reviews 
> show the new perforce port string and the diffs are being properly 
> displayed.  The problem occurs when we try to update a review that was 
> created prior to the DNS change using post-review.  Instead of updating the 
> old review, it creates a new one.  I've told my users they can get around 
> this for the old reviews by adding the -r option to specify the review 
> board id, but I'd like to understand what I may have done wrong.
> We are currently using RBTools 0.5.2 and post-review, but we're planning 
> to upgrade soon to 0.6.3 and rbt.  Our RB version is 1.7.28.  I'll try to 
> test with the new RBTools, but I have a limited amount of old reviews that 
> I can play with.
> Thanks
> --Steve

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