We changed our DNS entry for our perforce server over the weekend which 
required me to change our port settings in ReviewBoard.  I edited the repo 
setting in the RB admin console and changed the name an path like this:

# Old
Name: oldname:1666
Path:   oldname:1666

# New
Name: perforce:1666
Path:   perforce:1666

The string 'perforce:1666'  is what is returned by 'p4 info' as the 'Server 
address'.  This works fine in the sense that all the old reviews show the 
new perforce port string and the diffs are being properly displayed.  The 
problem occurs when we try to update a review that was created prior to the 
DNS change using post-review.  Instead of updating the old review, it 
creates a new one.  I've told my users they can get around this for the old 
reviews by adding the -r option to specify the review board id, but I'd 
like to understand what I may have done wrong.

We are currently using RBTools 0.5.2 and post-review, but we're planning to 
upgrade soon to 0.6.3 and rbt.  Our RB version is 1.7.28.  I'll try to test 
with the new RBTools, but I have a limited amount of old reviews that I can 
play with.



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