Post installing reviewboard and extension Comment Severity 0.5.1, 
when trying to run collectstatic, the following error is seen.
The version of lessc is 2.7.1
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pipeline/compilers/", 
line 99, in execute_command
    raise CompilerError(stderr)
pipeline.exceptions.CompilerError: NameError: variable @STATIC_ROOT is 
undefined in 
on line 3, column 21:
2 @import (reference) "../mixins/upload-diff.less";
3 @import (reference) "@{STATIC_ROOT}djblets/css/mixins/markdown.less";

I remember reading a post that lessc versions 2.X is not supported. 
If yes, could this be the case of above failure ?
If not, what could cause this behavior. Any inputs on how to proceed 
further / fix this, will be helpful.



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