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Change subject: IMPALA-6347: Monitor queue depth size for outgoing RPCs for 
Reactor threads

Patch Set 2:

File be/src/rpc/
PS2, Line 203: inbound_connections
Why are we counting the inbound connections? I thought this change was about 
outbound connections, am I missing something?
PS2, Line 208:     Value remote_ip_str(conn.remote_ip().c_str(), 
Should we add a check here that the remote IPs are actually unique? That could 
make it much easier to identify the issue if they ever end up not being unique.
File www/rpcz.tmpl:
PS2, Line 98:     {{#per_conn_metrics}}
            :     <tr>
            :       <td id="{{remote_ip}}_remote_ip">{{remote_ip}}</td>
            :       <td 
            :     </tr>
            :     {{/per_conn_metrics}}
I think the <tbody> should be empty when using DataTables (see 
www/query_finstances.tmpl). My understanding is that DataTables will 
immediately clear the table and replace it with its own content anyways. This 
should probably be fixed in flags.tmpl. I might be wrong, in which case it 
should be fixed in query_finstances.tmpl and query_backends.tmpl.
PS2, Line 237: function update_krpc_conn_metrics(json) {
I think this needs to be change now to update the table through the DataTables 
API. The other pages that use the plugin just pass an Ajax URL to the 
DataTables ctor, but that seems unfeasible here since the rest of the page is 
updated by our code. You'll likely want to chain these three calls:

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