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Change subject: IMPALA-6347: Monitor queue depth size for outgoing RPCs for 
Reactor threads

Patch Set 3:

File be/src/rpc/
PS2, Line 203: in_flight().size();
> Why are we counting the inbound connections? I thought this change was abou
No, that was a honest mistake. Moved it to count outbound calls.
PS2, Line 208:   Value per_conn_metrics(kArrayType);
> Should we add a check here that the remote IPs are actually unique? That co
In what case would it not be unique? I think we can rely on the fact that KRPC 
gives us a guarantee that it will only return the active connections that it 
has, which have to be unique.

Plus checking if they're unique would require us to keep a hash map and keep 
comparing, which seems like a lot of extra effort just to be extra careful.
File www/rpcz.tmpl:
PS2, Line 98:
            : {{?servers}}
            : <h2>Impala RPC Services
            :   <button class="btn btn-warning btn-xs" onClick="reset_all();">
            :     Reset all
            :   </button>
> I think the <tbody> should be empty when using DataTables (see www/query_fi
PS2, Line 237:     // Add more fields to the keys here when more metrics become 
> I think this needs to be change now to update the table through the DataTab
This took a while to figure out how I would pass the JSON as a data source to 
the DataTable, but I was able to figure it out.

I got rid of this function and added a new one that updates the DataTable 

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