DJanGo wrote: 
> please please do not wrote something like thes unprooved and wrong
> things again...
> Do your 'homework' ( 
> Since my old employer is a audio content provider, i do know how things
> work eg. if you are in the gracenote content partner program (that was
> [or is] at this time the database behind Itunes)...
> \edit
> ahh the "most" is important - basically that whole sentence makes no
> sense ..
> /edit
> "dont feed the troll"

so now i'm a troll?  what exactly did i say that was wrong?  please, be
specific, SHOW ME.

most rippers DON'T set comp tags!  i gave a few very popular examples. 
thats all i need to do to prove the point that that's a common scenario
server should expect!

you guys are arguing not against me, (although for whatever reason thats
your troll motivation), but the truth is you are arguing against the
obvious.  what i said is FACT.  not subjective, not an opinion, not up
for debate.

using:  win7 64 + lms 7.9 & duet & ipads w/the logitech app, and ipeng
on an ipod &
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