I am stumped at this point.  I am trying to set up FileZilla in a Windows
Machine to transfer audio files to my Rivendell Appliance (in CentOS 6).
The Appliance sees the Windows Network, and will navigate inside the
Windows 10 Pro box.  But when I try to do a "quick connect" from the
FileZilla using the local IPv4 address of the Appliance, with rd as the
user and no password (since I understand rd is set up with no password by
the Appliance) and ports 21 or 22, I get an authorization failure.
Do I set a password in CentOS 6 for rd?  Will that mess anything up in the
Appliance?  Is there a better way to set up the FileZilla Client to get
into Rivendell Appliance?
Jesse Jones in Blanket Texas

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