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We tried  having Drop Box Folder on RD but we can't Sync The RD Folder on The desktop with The dropbox. When You add the Dropbox Address in the the rd catch. The Name ans password fields disappear. Do you have a work around this problem.

on an appliance installation the 'home folder' for 'rd' is /home/rd

which you can access from Places>Home Folder from the menu across the top of the screen.

you can create a folder here called 'dropbox'

command line: mkdir /home/rd/dropbox

or by File>Create Folder in the GUI Menu

dropbox is a local folder in which we put things like weather traffic news and magazine items for inclusion in the playout using rdcatch or the dropbox feature

Now are you trying to sync a local folder with the on-line cloud service "Dropbox" ?

It is possible but it's way more reliable to roll your own.

I don't know how you can get rdcatch not to use username and password. are you using DOWNLOAD?


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