Hi Jesse

On the CentOS 6  Rivendell system set a password for rd in Users & Groups in the CentOS Menu System>Administration>Users 7 Groups.

There is a default but better to use your own. Just overwrite the ***** and click OK.

In Filezilla use SFTP [ftp over ssh] which defaults to port 22. OK on the same network [ use port fowarding to connect from the WAN]

ssh runs on Rivendell Appliance out of the box.

"Normal" login allows you to configure user name and password

In the 'Advanced' tab set your local and Rivendell directory. We have a directory on rd called dropbox so the path is '/home/rd/dropbox'

There are some ready made directories on RD you can use as well.

You can also map that dropbox or any of the rd directories as a mounted folder on your windows machine so you just save the audio files into the folder on your desktop [or wherever] The Rivendell appliance shares a bunch of directories with Samba by default. Use RDCATCH or the 'dropbox' feature to monitor for files you place in the mounted shared folder which saves having to Filezilla every time you record the weather. The installed folders are already set up. It's easy enough to add to the Samba shares. man Samba will provide all you need to know.

Be aware that Samba shares have some file naming restrictions that should not bother you, and you may have to tweak permissions.

I have such shared folder systems in a number of installations and they work fine.

Filezilla is my #1 choice for remote access.



On 08/04/18 10:44, Jesse Jones wrote:
I am stumped at this point.  I am trying to set up FileZilla in a Windows Machine to transfer audio files to my Rivendell Appliance (in CentOS 6). The Appliance sees the Windows Network, and will navigate inside the Windows 10 Pro box.  But when I try to do a "quick connect" from the FileZilla using the local IPv4 address of the Appliance, with rd as the user and no password (since I understand rd is set up with no password by the Appliance) and ports 21 or 22, I get an authorization failure. Do I set a password in CentOS 6 for rd?  Will that mess anything up in the Appliance?  Is there a better way to set up the FileZilla Client to get into Rivendell Appliance?
Jesse Jones in Blanket Texas

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