I read your directions and will try your suggestions.
I am still trying to learn scripting not a pro at it yet. Do you have a sample script that you can share for me to look at.


On 2018-04-10 03:49, Robert Jeffares wrote:
Hi James,

On 10/04/18 16:47, ija...@jamcorbroadcast.com wrote:
Thanks for your response. We where trying to use Online service Dropbox
I have some programmes delivered via Dropbox© and I mapped a copy of
my Dropbox folder onto my "Production" [hack used to do everything]
That was easy enough I followed the Dropbox help files.
I then wrote a script that copied the files out of the locally mounted
Dropbox into a local folder.
The script also cleans up the filenames and makes them a bit more user friendly.
We found having a number of users is a hazard as it only takes one to
delete a file and it's deleted for everyone.
You think the file is there because yu have been sent a link to it.
I also have three different programme providers using  three different
Dropbox so it became just as easy to download them all manually.
I think there is a way to acumulate them but it's just as easy to
click on email links.
These are all syndicated programmes.

For local programmes, news, weather, traffic, waterrestrictions and
breaking news I have a dropbox [note all lower case] on each machine
in 6 locations and each machine polls some or all of th others for
updates which can be created at any one of the sites or externally.
Each machine downloads items it needs locally identified by filename
and one central machine [igor] holds a copy of everything. All the
heavy lifting is done by rsync in shell scripts scheduled by cron with
log files written to the dropbox some of which get emailed as
confirmations the job is done. Some items are carted using rdimport
others [mostly weather] using rdcatch. Weather can be recorded and
updated at any time. We have a series of bulletins which vary in
content so each has a unique name and we can go from fine to frenzy
incredibly quickly.

At one site I use rsync running on cygwin to align folders on a
windows machine over an intercontinental link, one end of which is
very unreliable. Fortunately the time difference allows the far end to
work well in advance of broadcast time. At the near end the folder is
shared to local Windows machines using Samba.

we have been using dropbox long before the name was used to market an
eponymous  service
I figured That you have to manually move files from dropbox to RD.
not necessarily
I am trying to automate The process.
see above
But for right now I guess its ok. I have made the appropriate folders.
I recommend you set up your own dropbox and have contributors
Filezilla or otherwise send audio directly to your server. Relying on
some cloud based service, especially a free one, over which you have
no control is a bit brave for me.

My Other Question as per Weather ect Do you can you have RD catch Import Voicetracks For different. I have been insuccessful in getting Rd Carch to work.
I can't get to import anything.

we have a file called trunk9amweather.wav [you can call yours whatever
you like but *NO* punctuation, gaps, wildcards, non alpha numeric, and
no spaces or - at the start of the filename]

it is recorded and placed in the dropbox

/home/rd/dropbox/trunk9amweather.wav <--you need all of this

Set RDCATCH to DOWNLOAD this file. Give the thing a name; use the full
name and location

pick the cart it is to be loaded into

I use autotrim -30 and normalise -13

[some sources I run -10]

make sure you check all the days of the week you want it top
happen;default is none
set the time you want it to run [top left hand corner] 08:58 is good
for 9am If the audio is a minute long give it two and if it's a half
hour programme be prepared for the normalize to take a little while.

the username is rd and the password is whatever password you put in to
users and groups>rd


You can test by opening it up again and setting the time to a minute from now
then hit save as new

close and look for the yellow line which indicates i'm next; it goes
green when it downloads and if successful it is white
Red/Pink is an error and along the right is the reason

Most common after typos is wrong permissions on dropbox and on files in dropbox.

I make a habit of setting permissions on all files in the dropbox in
shellscripts so everything gets chown to rd:users and chmod 644
although I had to make that 666 to make an OS X Mac happy.

You should be able to follow this as you work through

I have used rdcatch to download some material direct from http and ftp
sources with varying success, some servers just don't deliver, and you
have to resort to wget.
I think much of the problem is incompatible  character sets but you
can run in to issues with filenames including dates. Service provider
labeling inconstancies will drive you nuts as well.

Hope this helps

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