Dear Massimo,

According to the documentation: We should also modify rivet.c to use AP_DECLARE_MODULE instead of "module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA rivet_module = " we now have. I have tried it, and there was no difference (of course we must take care the old way is used in versions < 2.4 of apache).

I tried to run the tests, but I am missing the TclX package. Where can I find its sources? In sourceforge?



Στις 3/2/2018 20:52, ο Massimo Manghi έγραψε:
I've just uploaded to a RC2 tar archive with a proposed patch of the problem that made most tests fail.

The bug has surfaced when George introduced the APLOG_USE_MODULE in mod_rivet.h, since also rivetlib/rivetPkgInit.c used it in order to get the definition of the module globals. But since the generation of the pkgIndex.tcl file takes place outside of mod_rivet the mk_pkgIndex failed for rivetlib and became impossible to mod_rivet to find the library. As as consequence the server failed because rivetlib is loaded in the process of initializing a Rivet interpreter

Actually the introduction of the macro was correct and it's was librivet/rivetPkgInit.c duty to determine the ::rivet name space pointer in a different and sane way. This is the crux of the patch included in RC2

 -- Massimo

On 02/01/2018 01:07 PM, Ronnie Brunner wrote:
Hi Massimo

Attached the output (stout and sdterr) of running the test suite
(including the compilation of rivet), the error_log and access_log
from rivet-3.0.1/tests after running the test suite.

I'm running a CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core) os for these
tests, Tcl8.6.6 and httpd 2.4.27 with the worker mpm. The only
modification to runtests.tcl was to remove the prefork module check,
which obviously fails if you run the worker mpm.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hth Ronnie

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