On Sunday 14 September 2014 10:39:00 Aaron Batty wrote:
> That is fine for me, but I am returning to RKWard for teaching stats, after
> a disastrous year with SPSS. Is there a slick way I can get the students to
> install that? What I have done the last 2 times I have walked a class
> through installation is just show up with RKWard USB thumb drives and have
> them follow my instructions. Is there any way to get at that version easily?

you're talking about the Mac version, right? As far as I am aware, we simply 
need to run Meik's magic script to update the bundle, but will I ever remember 
how to use it?

Meik, do you have time for that, or do you want me to read up on this (I know, 
you've explained it to me at least once, so all I'd need to do is dig up the 
mail)? For Windows, I guess I can prepare a "single" installer next week 
(which you can run over a bundled installation in order to update it).

We are also getting close to the point where we can roll the next "official" 
release. I just want to take care of one more loose end, then we can make a 
schedule for testing and release.


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