Am Donnerstag, 18. September 2014, 13:28:34 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > The KDE installation could not be found (kde4-config). [...]

i suspect this is due to the new startup wrapper? if i remember correctly, the 
startup script set some paths for the executable which might now be missing.

> Meik, you're much more familiar with the bundle installation than I am. Is
> the  relative path between rkward and kde4-config (and the other KDE
> binaries) always the same?

hm, i doubt that. it depends on the standard macports root directory, which 
usually is below /opt, but for the bundle it is below /opt/rkward, so the 
bundle doesn't interfere with a local macports installation. this also affects 
the relative path from the app directory of RKWard. however, the path is known 
during build time, and previous to the new binary wrapper it was dynamically 
added to the startup script. so i suspect it could dynamically be added to the 
wrapper code as well, and then be compiled in.

> Otherwise, is there a way to set the path or working directory for apps?

it's possible to set paths in a *.plist file, but i'm not sure which one. we 
use that method already to set the locale variable, but it's neither automated 
(because we'd have to parse a possibly pre-existing .plist file first) nor 
neccessary, just described how to do manually in the wiki.

i'd vote for compiling it in; the path variable was "statically" set in the 
startup script before, and i doubt that mac users move around binary 
directories on their systems very often ;-)

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