> i compiled and packaged today's development version of RKWard, but i
> couldn't
> test it myself, as i only have ssh access. you can download and test it
> yourself:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/rkwardextras/files/MacOSX/development/RKWard-devel-binary-0.6.1-svn4829_KDE-4.12.5_needs_CRAN_R-3.1.1.dmg/download
> let me know if something's broken!

Yup, it's broken.

I installed R 3.1.1 for OSX 10.9+, then installed the above. An error comes
up immediately:

The KDE installation could not be found (kde4-config). When moving /
> copying RKWard, make sure to copy the whole application folder, or create a
> shorcut / link, instead.
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