2014-11-06 19:10 GMT-03:00 Mario Fux <kde...@unormal.org>:
>> 3. Have our SVN-repo imported to a git-repo on git.kde.org. This is going
>> to require a bit of preparation - see below.
>> - SVN author accounts have to be converted to git format, i.e. full name
>> and email address. For those planning or considering to commit in the
>> future, this should match the email used for your identity.kde.org account
>> (if you don't have one, yet, get one, now!). Even if you do not plan to
>> register at identity.kde.org (yet), it may still make sense to provide a
>> current email address. I'll contact all past and present committers, and
>> will fall back to accountn...@users.sf.net.

What we need for the git conversion is a plaintext file with:

svnuser1 Real Name <em...@example.org>
svnuser2 John Doe <john...@example.com>

>> - branches/external_plugins needs to be split out, somehow, as it is not
>> really a branch in the git-sense. As noted above, it probably makes sense
>> to import this branch to github.com. In fact, there is little reason not
>> to go ahead on this one, yet. Volunteers?
>> - branches/jss_dec_10 needs to be split, out, too. This branch is
>> interesting for archiving, only.
>> - Seasoned git users, please advise: Is there any point in keeping
>> obsoleted release-branches, and fully merged development branches, or
>> should these simply be dropped in the import? Or would they be dropped
>> _after_ the import, in order to keep full commit history?
>> - Beyond this, there is quite a bit of inconsistency regarding naming of
>> branches and tags. I'd like to fix that. Is that best to be done before,
>> during, or after the import?

In general it's best not to move things around in SVN now. For
example, if branches have inconsistent names, we need to put those
inconsistent names in the conversion rules anyway in order to get the
history, so renaming them now only makes the conversion more complex.

External plugins can be easily split into separate git repositories
during the same conversion.

For the rest, I'd have to look at the SVN history to give definite
answers. Where is the repository, in Sourceforge? Is it possible to
clone the SVN repository (not a checkout, the actual repo with all the
history) via rsync or something? If not, I can use svnsync, but that
takes longer :)

>> - Finally, I'm not sure, whether there are any uniform push-rules for git
>> repositories on KDE.org. Mario? We certainly want to block
>> non-fast-forwarded commits.

Non-fast-forward pushes (force pushes) and branch deletions are only
allowed for the "repository owners". You'll have to decide who that
will be.


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