Hi once more,

On Thursday 06 November 2014 19:44:12 Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
> Non-fast-forward pushes (force pushes) and branch deletions are only
> allowed for the "repository owners". You'll have to decide who that
> will be.

I guess I'll state that in the ticket, whenever I request the repository to be 
moved to playground, right? (Mario, or would we go for kdereview, directly?)

Also one more admin question: So far we had a dedicated mailing list for SCM-
commits. That was quite convenient. And in fact, it would be even more 
convenient, if we had merged it in one list with build bot notifications(*). 
That would make it easy for all developers to subscribe to a single pack of 
"all that noise" that is relevant to those who commit, but not so much for 
other interested bystanders. I'm sort of hoping to achieve this as part of the 
transition to KDE.org.

Now the KDE way of doing things seems to be using commitfilter.kde.org.

Some questions:
- Is is possible to direct commitfiltered mail to a mailing list? (Or will 
commitfilter mail out password reminders and some such?)
- Alternatively, is it possible to set up custom notification hooks on a git 
repo on KDE.org?
- Or is the list I have in mind a poor plan, in the first place?


(*) Potentially also bug tracker notifications, although perhaps it makes more 
sense for those to go to rkward-devel, after all.

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