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On Saturday 08 November 2014 14:15:02 Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> ok, thanks. Next question: Now pushing the tags fails because they are not
> annotated. I suppose I could request another exception for this, but
> probably it would be better to somehow convert the tags to annotated,
> instead. Is there some svn2git-option for this, that I have missed? I have
> tried kde- ruleset/bin/fix-tags, but whatever that does, exactly, the push
> was still rejected.

well, that part solved (mostly). Turns out there is an undocumented rule 
"annotated true" for tags. With this, most tags can be pushed. Some still fail 
(not sure, why, but several of those are tags that I had moved in SVN after 
creating), but none of these seem too important.

Two of them are "backups" that I did not mention in the rules file. No idea 
why svn2git thought it necessary to create these. I hope the fact that these 
can't be pushed is nothing to worry about...

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