On Friday 07 November 2014 09:44:47 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> For those kinds of things simply ask sysadmin for an exception, either by
> filing a ticket on sysadmin.kde.org or asking and waiting in #kde-sysadmin
> the audit failure messages and which repo (scratch address) you are pushing
> to determine what ki d of exception is needed so include that in your
> request.

ok, thanks. Next question: Now pushing the tags fails because they are not 
annotated. I suppose I could request another exception for this, but probably 
it would be better to somehow convert the tags to annotated, instead. Is there 
some svn2git-option for this, that I have missed? I have tried kde-
ruleset/bin/fix-tags, but whatever that does, exactly, the push was still 

Follow-up question, if I fix something in the conversion, and push again, 
should I delete the (scratch) repo, first, or is it possible and ok to just 
push "over" the existing scratch repo?


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