On 3/14/19 3:38 AM, Will Godfrey wrote:

Personally I'm never really keen on logo changes. People come to recognise them
and automatically associate them with the product/experience. If a change is
needed, it's much better to make it a fairly gradual transition.

The GIMP changed their logo from the gimp head thing to something else, and for the longest time I couldn't remember which icon started the thing.

The original font was selected by Chris Cannam back in the day. I tried to change it when we did the huge rewrite, and in the end it was easier not to change it than to find something new everybody liked. If you want to get a rise out of Mr. Cannam, just say the word Bauhaus.

The original logo is a photo Richard Bown took in Hyde Park, and it's very, um, iconic. I was just thinking about the best way to make an SVG version that captures the feeling in a form that will scale up with desktop resolution. I tried making a suitable replacement many times over the years, and we still have his original photo.

The guy doing the work gets to do whatever he wants, and Ted is keeping this project alive.

This project has definitely been held back by giving too much in service to tradition over the years. On the other hand, I tried taking the totally opposite approach of blowing up tradition and letting people try radical new ideas, and some of the ideas seem too radical in retrospect.

As a matter of personal opinion, I can't say I care for the new look. I don't expect my opinion to carry much weight, because I haven't really done anything around here in years, but there is my opinion anyway.

This one is a good example. I don't see anything in it that reminds me of the
Rosegarden I've been familiar with for many years.

I fully agree with Will. That is not a subtle change. It doesn't say "Rosegarden" to me at all.
D. Michael McIntyre

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