On 3/15/19 4:24 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
On 15/03/19 14:40, Ted Felix wrote:
On 3/14/19 3:40 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
Looks good... I guess a 'square' concept, i.e. without the text which would be used for icons etc. would be useful ;)

   I added a tile mockup to the wiki page:


What would it look like inverted (i.e. white / transparent background) and coloured rose (but please remember the yellow/orange... :P )

That might also address some of the concerns of people who see a too drastic change... After all the current icon is on a transparent background and thus this way we could keep it a bit more familiar..

Looking at it and the existing logo here on my laptop. The text logo is fine. The red elephant "g" doesn't do it for me. The rose tile looks fine, but I don't like the "g" anymore.

Where's the original rose photo? Might be fun to see about SVGing it myself.

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