Adding my observations from the world and logos: display DPI has gone up.
The old 3D controls (mainly speaking wrt Windows OS) have lost their edge.
UI and logo designs are reaching for clarity - like always, but the
competition and display technology are certainly some of the modern driving
factors. The old yellow rose is nearly blending on the light grey menu
background on my display. Admitting my displays are maybe a yard away (!)
from optimal and bit on the smaller side, but the mixing console takes its
toll :)  So I welcome darker colours with sharper edges. Not that I
couldn't find RG from the menu now.

And I will not go comparing the old vs. new. The old is truly beautiful, I
just don't feel it should be kept for historical reasons. Or, put it
another way: if the project lead wants to change it, I don't have anything
against it. I do value getting different opinions here though.

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