On 3/23/19 1:51 PM, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
Speaking of the redesign, are you planning to go in a different direction with the splash screen?  I tried to do a new one for every major new feature release, and all of them for years were different photos of the same rose.  There have been no new splash screens in a long time, because that rose declined and died after 20 years.

I finally tracked down what variety it was, and my eye fell on a different, very complementary variety, so I bought a couple of those too.  I put a lot of love into preparing the ground, and I'll get the last of them planted tomorrow.  There are four in all, with some new decorative support appliances, and I'm hoping for new rose pictures on the horizon.

If anyone is curious, it's these two:


Oh, I like the Tangerine Skies one. How long does it take to start producing flowers?

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