On 3/20/19 2:51 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
On 20/03/19 13:45, Ted Felix wrote:
On 3/15/19 10:24 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
What would it look like inverted (i.e. white / transparent background) and coloured rose (but please remember the yellow/orange... :P )

   I was wondering that myself.  Don't think I can do it properly, though, the way I'm just fiddling with it in the GIMP.  I'll certainly talk to her about this and show her the app icons in GNOME/Ubuntu.

I think you'd need the source, e.g. SVG if done in Inkscape?

Sorry, not an inverted version of the proposed new design. But here's my basic version of an SVG based on an enhanced version of the original photo:


I test it as an icon by setting up a launcher in XFCE that would just run ls (so it does nothing when clicked) and uses the SVG to appear on the task bar.

A real graphic artist could make it better, I just twiddled some of the trace settings in Inkscape until I got something that was OK with me.

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